The Wandering Apostles of Sedition website link

Dr. Leon and class:

Please find below the link to my archive website.  All comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!




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2 responses to “The Wandering Apostles of Sedition website link

  1. Scott,
    I really like your “About” page with the additional simple pages. Your criteria really adds gravitas to the project and addresses the questions of “what is included?” and “why?” and “is that all that there is or is this just a sampling?”. Having these simple pages only present on the About page also separates out the casual viewer from the viewer with more scholarly interest, but I wonder if some people will miss this great stuff without some other clue to their whereabouts? Your bibliography is an Early Americanist’s dream list of resources for any study of newsprint and publishing! The explanation of the types of sources and your reasons for including them also set this work apart as a scholarly project. I hope I can “borrow” these ideas and categories!

  2. Scott


    Thanks for your comments!!! To your point about people not being able to find the note on sources/source criteria/bibliography, I played around with the settings in Omeka, and I know that I can have these pages appear separately in my header, it’s actually just a question of being able to get them in the order I want them to appear. I want to try and ensure (to greatest extent possible) that people interested in my methodology and source evaluation read the “about” page first. Then again, I did write each page in a manner that it can be read alone or in conjunction with the other simple pages, so maybe this is more a problem of breaking free from thinking linearly. Any thoughts on this? I want to be able to talk about a “collaborative process” in part of my white paper 🙂

    P.S. Feel free to “borrow” my ideas, categories, and bibliography, it is supposed to be a resource after all!

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